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Dave Aranda - Defensive Coordinator - LSU:

"I've had Bill conduct multiple individual coach in-service clinics for me, on all phases of defense, when I was at California Lutheran University, the University of Houston and the University of Hawaii. Many of his defensive teachings are in play at LSU. Last summer, I had Bill conduct an in-service clinic for me at the FCPGA Operations Center after my first year at LSU. I also had him do a Tele-Clinic for me this year. He's the best!""


Greg Robinson - Former Defensive Coordinator - Kansas City Chiefs and the University of Texas:

"When I was with the Chiefs, Bill spent 15 hours with me on tackling. Our tackling improved dramatically and I also incorporated Bill's concepts and teaching progressions at Texas."


Jeff Housman - Defensive Coordinator - Puget Sound University (WA):

"This will be the fifth consecutive year to have Bill and his staff clinic our staff on the exact disciplines we want covered. His preparation and presentations are superb, eliminating countless hours of research on our part."


Kyle Williams - Head Football Coach - Westview High School (CA):

"Bill conducted a two-day in-service staff clinic for us last spring on offensive line run blocking teaching progressions for the Wing-T offense. What he covered in two days would have taken us years of research to gather the information.

The 'hands on' coaches walk-thru sessions allowed our coaches to actually feel the techniques, disciplines and teaching progressions."


Seth Parr - Head Football Coach - Coronado High School (Lubbock, TX):

"Bill conducted a 3 Day In-Serivce Staff Clinic last spring on tackling, block protection and shed to tackle for all positions, as well as linebackers and defensive backs keys, reads and responses vs multiple offenses and shotgun/pistol offenses.

His organization and teaching is the finest I've witnessed. His teaching methods, whether lecturing, board work, video talk-thru, on the field demonstrations or coaches walk-thru sessions, were superb."


Ron Roberts - Head Football Coach - Southeastern Louisiana University:

"I first started having Bill conduct in-service staff clinics when I was the head football coach at Burroughs Ridgecrest High School, in California's High Desert. I brought Bill and his son Kyle to Delta State University (MS) to clinic our entire staff on exact teaching progressions for individual positions on offense, defense and special teams."

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