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Quarterback Developmental Drills & Teaching Progressions in the Passing Game

1. QB In-Service: Footwork 'n Pocket Drills - Video Talk Through

You will appreciate the attention to detail and the creative and innovative drill progressions in this DVD. Disciplines include: Developing the throwing motion - Quick release - Operating in the pocket - Throwing away from interception danger.


This on the field segment is followed by a talk-though session with the quarterback using major college and NFL game footage. Bill WIlliams is the coach, the student is a young quarterback. (Sound)

Time: 1:10:18 Price: $80.00


2. Quarterback Under the Center - Drop 'n Throw Techniques & Drills from Multiple Launch Points

Includes one step, two step, three step, five step, sprint cup and sprint out mechanics. Also includes Escape Dimension Mechanics. On the field presentation, featuring FCPGA demonstrators. (No Sound)

Time: 58:10 Price: $60.00

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