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Offensive Line Teaching Progressions

1. Offensive Line/Tight Ends Run Blocking on 1st, 2nd , 3rd Levels (sound 'n no sound)

Featuring Bill Williams and high school offensive linemen in creative and inventive drill and teaching progressions, in shorts and in pads.


How good is this DVD? Bill uses this tape when he is clinicing collegiate and professional offensive line coaches!

TIme: 1:44:30 Price: $76.00


2. Offensive Line "Man" Run Blocking Techniques and drills - Getting it taught in shorts! (Sound)

Featuring clinician Bill WIlliams and FCPGA demonstrators - on the field presentation.

Time: 1:08:20 Price: $50.00


3. Shotgun 'n Pistol Center "Dart Snap" teaching progressions (Sound)

Bill Williams and FCPGA demonstrators: THis on the field presentation is the most comprehensive DVD on the market in teaching the center shotgun or pistol snap.

Time: 22:20 Price: $45.00


4. Offensive Line Inside Zone Run Blocking Progressions

Bill WIlliams and FCPGA demonstrators on the field presentation. Getting it taught in shorts - front side & back siee progressions. Including front side & back side advatnage calls.

Time: 1:01:50 Price: $50.00


5. Offensive Line Pass Protection - "Punches" Teaching Progressions (Sound)

This presentation was shot at a Bill WIlliams/FCPGA In-Service Clinic. Features creative and innovative drills & teaching progressions, with the emphasis on the punch and other weapons for pass blocking.

Time: 51:22 Price: $60.00



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