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Bill Williams Impact Profile

  • High School Coaches: Over the years high school football coaches from 35 states have had Bill clinic them.

  • On the collegiate level, programs that have benefited from Bill's In-Service clinic include..... University of Washington, Washington State University, Puget Sound University, University of Oregon, Willamette University (OR), Boise State, Idaho State, College of Idaho, Montana State, BYU, California, UC Davis, Stanford, San Jose State, Menlo College (CA), California Lutheran, UCLA, USC, University of Redlands, San Diego State, University of San Diego, University of Hawaii, Utah State, Arizona State, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Trinity University (TX), Texas Tech, University of Houston, UTEP, Kansas University, Central Missouri State, Northern Iowa, North Central College (IL), Ohio University, Ohio Northern, Olivet College, Iowa State, Nebraska Wesleyan, University of Wisconsin, University of Kentucky, The Citadel, Leigh University, Notre Dame, LSU, Southeast Louisiana University, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Delta State (MS), College of William and Mary, North Carolina, Wake Forest, University of Virginia, University of Miami (FL), Temple, University of Buffalo, Syracuse University.

  • NFL programs over the year who contracted Bill for staff development include..... Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49'ers, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins.

  • CFL programs that have sent coaches to Bill over the years include.....Montreal Alouettes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos, British Columbia Lions

  • Bill Williams is the only educator. clinician, consultant and analyst who "coaches coaches" on offense, defense and special teams.

  • How is this possible?!

    • No one can do what Bill does and why.​

      • At the age of eight years old he made the decision he wanted to be a football coach. This allowed Bill to become a "life long learner." You will find his passion for teaching is unsurpassed.

  • The's not that Bill has coached 41 years. The key is Bill had the opportunity to be a NFL personnel scout for 10 years. In evaluating potential NFL prospects, he learned the "big secret." Coaching players at any teaching them how to be efficient in movements and how to be efficient with their eyes.​​

  • You don't have time to do what Bill does. It's like you have your own personal analyst.

  • When Bill is not clinicing and consulting, he is constantly researching and studying technique and teaching progressions for offense, defense and special teams. He loves what he does; witness the fact the only days he takes off are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter. He can save you literally hundreds of research hours.

Disciplines Content Profile

  • Controlling purpose when you join Bill in his "operations center" in Poway, CA (North San Diego County)

    • Buzzwords and technique teaching progressions from shorts into pads. for any phase of football......drill specific.​

    • If you will call Bill at (858) 748-7566, he will talk you through and give you examples of teaching progressions of what you're interested in.

    • What can immediately decipher what kind of teacher Bill is.

    • It's like a verbal podcast;  Bill has to explain and help you visualize over the phone what he's teaching without any whiteboard or video visuals. This is when football coaches at every level really get excited about being cliniced by Bill.

Telesis - In-Service Clinic

  • Coaches, like players or students of any discipline, comprehend and learn differently.

    • Our time together includes lecture, whiteboard and video talk through sessions along with on the field demonstrations and coaches participation walkthroughs.​

    • Investment discussion

    • Multiple references and testimonials available from football coaches on every level. ** DVD of testimonials over the years is available for you to view and return. 

Tele-Clinics Available

  • If you have time or travel constraints, our tele-clinics have been a popular option. We shoot a clinic for you on the disciplines you select and then ship the DVDs to you. The attention to detail is unsurpassed - when viewing your tele-clinic DVDs you'll feel like you were here!


  • Once you've digested this material, do call Bill Williams at (858) 748-7566, so we can discuss your needs and interests.



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